1. Where is my package? I ordered it over a month ago.

To help you understand the delivery dates of your parcel we have listed the different stages your parcel will go through:

Day 1-2: Acceptance of delivery.

Day 2-3: Delivery of your parcel to the redistribution platform.

Day 2-4: Administrative processing related to the delivery of your parcel and sending of your parcel. From the moment your parcel has left its country of origin you will not receive any information until it has reached its country of delivery.

Day 4-10: Arrival of your parcel at the distribution centre in the country of delivery.

Day 10-15: Processing of the administrative procedures related to the delivery of your parcel in the country of delivery.

Day 15-30: The parcel is collected by a carrier and delivered to your delivery address.

Day 60: In the event of a failed delivery, your package may be returned to the sender if you are not present to collect it.

Once your package has arrived in its destination country, you can contact the carrier to retrieve more information about your delivery.

2. What is the exact location of my package?

Most of the time, international carriers do not give any guarantee on an exact arrival date, they only give an estimate. It is also possible that your package will arrive later than the estimated date.

Your package is scanned at several locations during transport, so between these points we will not be able to give you precise information about the exact location of your package. With each new piece of information available from the carrier, we update the tracking information of your package.

The precise location of your package is not always available. We ask you to wait a few hours or days for your package to pass the delivery points.

3. The tracking status of my parcel is "Not found", what can I do?

If your tracking status is "Untraceable", this means that we have no information about the tracking number of your package. We advise you to review your tracking number or contact the seller. If you do not know your tracking number, you can contact the seller.

If your tracking number is correct, we advise you to wait 1 or 2 days after sending your package for more tracking information.

4. I did not receive my package; I would like a refund. How can I do this?

If you wish to obtain a refund for the "non-delivery" of your package, we advise you to contact the seller.

Parcelocator.com is only a platform for tracking your packages. We are in no way responsible for the non-delivery of your package. We only provide you with real-time information on the location of your package.

5. How can I change my delivery address?

If your package has already left for its destination, you cannot change your delivery address. The only possibility is to wait for the arrival of your package in its country of delivery and ask your carrier to change the delivery address. All carriers are different, we advise you to visit the official website of your carrier to find out the possibilities of changing the delivery address.

6. My package is stuck somewhere, can you give me more information about it?

We fully understand that you want to receive the location of your package in time. However, it is impossible for us to get a guaranteed arrival date on international deliveries.

If your package's tracking information is not updated for a long time, it means that your package is still on its way to its destination or that the carrier has not updated its information. It is also possible that the delivery method you have chosen does not match the tracking of your package.

For more information, please contact the seller.

7. Which carriers can I track?

Our platform allows us to obtain location information from more than 100 carriers. If you wish to locate a parcel from a carrier that is not available in our list, you can send us an email directly available on our contact page.

8. Why can't I track my AliExpress (Cainiao) package?

AliExpress (Cainiao) delivery information is not available on our platform. Cainiao uses a different tracking system than our team. Cainiao has created its own delivery numbers which do not allow us to track them in real time.

In addition, the carrier does not have the ability to identify your package coming from Cainiao. Therefore, we do not have the ability to track your package unless we obtain an original tracking number.

9. Why does Parcelocator.com appear on my bank statement?

If you see Parcelocator.com appear on your bank income, it means that you have subscribed to our service. You can stop your subscription at any time by going to our Cancellation Page.

10. How do I cancel my subscription to Parcelocator.com?

Your subscription to Parcelocator.com can be stopped at any time. To cancel your Parcelocator.com subscription, please go to our Cancellation Page. Enter the email address you used when you subscribed in the space provided. Your subscription to Parcelocator.com is immediately terminated when you enter your email address.

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